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DayCare Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Managing a day care center comes with a great deal of responsibilities. The daily activities and resulting actions of the children are placed in your hands. Being certain that the children under your supervision are cared for to the highest degree is essential to earning parents’ trust.

Day care facilities are constantly faced with harmful odors, dirty floors, and soiled restrooms. To ensure the safety of our children, it is imperative to provide a clean and healthy environment. Spotless floors, sanitary restrooms, and daily removal of cleaning chemicals are just a few of the necessities that are crucial for the protection of our children.

Mopheads Janitorial Services understands the importance of performing these services. Our attention to detail and focus on specific cleaning problems that affect the day care industry gives us the ability to provide a safer and healthier environment for our children, therefore giving you and your facility the parental trust you deserve.

With Mopheads, your day care facility will receive the following services specific to the industry:

  •  Floor and Carpet Care
  •  Window/Glass Cleaning
  •  Restroom Sanitation
  •  Use of Hospital-Grade Disinfectants and Green Cleaning Products
  •  Daily Removal of Chemicals from Facility
  •  Customized Work Schedule
  •  Security Identification Badges for Workers
  •  24 Hour Customer Service
  •  Liability Insurance and Bonding


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Trust Your School to the Cleaning Experts

MJS has the experience and staff to help keep your school building clean and fresh. We provide cleaning and sanitation for restrooms, teaching areas, staff areas, and offices. Mainitaning a clean and healthy environment will reduce illness, improve the overall learning experience, and enhance your schools impression on visitors.

School Facility Services from MJS

Restroom Sanitation MJS stops disease in its tracks with complete cleaning and sanitization of all restrooms. Services include commode and urinal cleaning, paper and soap dispensers cleaned, mirrors washed. Floors, sinks, counters, walls are also sanitized.

Classroom Cleaning Improve your students learning capabilities and reduce illness with MJS's Classroom Cleaning Service

Teacher Area Cleaning Help your teachers stay prepared and organized with a clean teaching area.

Office Cleaning Increase productivity and decrease sick days with clean and sanitized offices.

VCT Service MJS provides VCT Services to your educational facility.

Carpet & Floor Care Services Get the best carpet and floor cleaning and sanitation from MJS

Weather Safety Help MJS offers weather safety help and prevention for all stuents and staff. This includes wet floor sign placement, mat placement, and more.

Janitorial Services MJS can provide janitorial services for all of your on-site needs.